Add Character and Flair with a Copper Roof

With unrivalled versatility and a truly unique appearance, copper roofs make a luxurious statement.
Metal Roofing UK 10 year warranty protection.

What is copper roofing?

Copper roofs add character and style to any property and are a popular choice with innovative architects and designers.

Given the appearance of copper roofs change over time, it is truly a unique roofing material that adds a distinctive personality. As well as the stylish aesthetics, copper roofs are highly flexible and durable, making copper the perfect choice for even the most complex roof structures, details and decorations. At Metal Roofing UK, all of our standing seam copper roofs and shingles are custom-made for each project, ensuring the right fit, every time.

Why is copper used in roofs?

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Uniquely Stylish
From its warm high-shine look post-installation right through to the character-filled, weathered green patina that appears over time, copper has a distinct, unique appearance.
Copper is a naturally malleable material which can be formed to fit almost any roof shape and angle, including details and decorations.
With the right design and installation, copper roofs can last up to 100 years.
Low Maintenance
Copper roofs require very little maintenance, and copper is antimicrobial, preventing organic growth.
Copper roofs are recyclable, energy-efficient and long-lasting, making copper great for sustainable projects.

Copper Cladding

At Metal Roofing UK, we can also design and install copper cladding.

Copper cladding forms a protective skin around any building, and copper offers the same unique style, durability and flexibility as copper roofing. And it’s completely bespoke.

Why use Metal Roofing UK for your copper roof and cladding?

Each of our copper roofs is custom-made and completely bespoke to meet your requirements.
Quality Product
We only work with the best quality copper materials that are known to last.
10-Year Guarantee

We offer a 10-year guarantee on all of our copper roofs. Find out more about our guarantee.

Specialist Service
As expertly trained specialists in copper roofing, our team of installers have all the skills and tools to ensure the right fit – for your property and needs – every time.
Your Trusted, Local Roofer
We’ve been installing roofs across the South West for 25 years.

Installing a Copper Roof

Installing a copper roof is a specialist service.

You need the right expertise, tools, machinery and knowledge for installation. For example, copper expands and contracts with changes in temperature so it’s important that it’s fitted correctly to avoid splitting. What’s more, copper roofing is not an off-the-shelf product. At Metal Roofing UK, each roof is custom-cut and folded to fit your property and installed by our specialists.

Copper Roofing FAQs

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If correctly installed and designed, a copper roof can last up to 100 years.

At Metal Roofing UK, we guarantee all our metal roofs for 10 years.

Copper roofs will weather over time, developing a striking green patina which is favoured by architects and designers.

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