Complement Your Metal Roof with Metal Guttering

Complete your project with stylish, long-lasting zinc, steel, aluminium or copper guttering.
Metal Roofing UK 10 year warranty protection.

What is metal guttering?

Metal guttering is the ideal companion for your metal roof.

At Metal Roofing UK, we offer a range of metal guttering including zinc, stainless steel, aluminium and copper. And the finishes can be chosen to match your metal roof and overall project.

Why choose metal guttering?

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Complete the Look
If you have installed a contemporary metal roof, metal guttering is the perfect accompaniment to complete the look and feel of your project.
Durable & Corrosion Resistant
Metal guttering boasts the same high quality, durability and corrosion resistance as metal roofing, ensuring longevity.
Less Temperature Sensitive
Metal guttering doesn’t expand and contract link PVC guttering so it won’t warp, crack or creek under extreme heat.
Like metal roofing, metal guttering is recyclable and long-lasting, making it an excellent choice for sustainable buildings.

Metal Guttering FAQs

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To ensure rainwater is drained away adequately from your property to prevent damage, it’s best practice to install guttering with metal roofs where possible.

Metal gutters tend to have better temperature resistance and longevity than PVC gutters.

Metal guttering doesn’t require any special maintenance. Maintain your metal guttering as you would any other type of gutter by clearing away debris regularly.

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Why use Metal Roofing UK for your metal guttering?

Quality Materials
We only work with the best quality metal gutters that are known for longevity and functionality.
10-Year Guarantee

We offer a 10-year guarantee on all our metal guttering. Find out more about our guarantee here.

Specialist Service
As specialists in metal guttering and roofing, our team of installers have all the skills and tools to ensure the right fit for your property and needs.

Installing Metal Guttering

Metal guttering is best installed by experienced professionals who have the right tools and equipment to ensure the perfect fit and best performance. At Metal Roofing UK, our roofing specialists have all the necessary skills to install metal guttering, roofing and cladding, quickly and effectively.

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