Metal Roofing UK: The Metal Roof Specialists

From zinc to aluminium and steel, we are specialists in high-quality, custom-crafted metal roofs.


At Metal Roofing UK, we believe in being more than just roofers.​

We are specialist craftspeople with unrivalled attention to detail, who carefully shape and fold bespoke metal sheet products for each client’s unique project. Whether it’s metal roofing, cladding or guttering, our skilled team of experts listen to your aspirations and needs, creating a custom solution that’s the perfect fit for you, your building and location.

Expert Craftsmanship

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Our team of metal roof specialists have all undergone intense hard metal craft training with the Lead Sheet Association. Here we were guided and rigorously assessed in traditional metal craft by respected, experienced trainers. From the art of standing seam folding to shaping shingles and flashing, and even sculpting decorative elements, our team are fully trained and have all the required tools to create beautiful metal roofing that performs and lasts a lifetime.

Only the Best Materials

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We source materials from across Europe to ensure we only work with the best quality metals. From elegant zinc to unique copper, the materials we use are renowned for quality, versatility, durability, longevity and are as eco-friendly as possible. We work with leading manufacturers of metal roofing products including VM Zinc, GreenCoat PLX, Lindab and Euroclad.

Quality Guaranteed

We take pride in each bespoke metal roof we prepare for our clients, and we have the utmost confidence in our materials, workmanship and installation process. This is why we offer a 10-year guarantee on all of our metal solutions from roofing to cladding and guttering. 

Your Local Specialists

Metal roofing has been growing in popularity in the UK in recent years thanks to its durability, low maintenance and high-end aesthetics – although there are still only a few metal roofing companies based in the South West. At Metal Roofing UK, we’ve been in the roofing trade in the region for 25 years. We know the South West climate, weather and landscape, so can advise on which roofing, materials and finishes work best where. Because we’re based in the South West, we can also offer our clients a responsive, reliable service, and our specialists are always on hand for call outs and site visits when required.

We craft and install metal roofing across the South West region, from Lands End to Somerset. If you’re based further afield, please give us a call to see if we can help.


Our Cornish Workshop & Showroom

Our team is based at our specialist workshop and showroom in Hayle.

We welcome clients to our site to see our craftspeople at work and watch the intricate hard metal production process. We also have a showroom on site where clients can see, touch and explore our metal roofing and quality materials.

A Message from Our Founder

As our Founder, I’m proud to say our team delivers quality in everything we do, from our customer service to workmanship and materials. It’s our mission to craft a metal roofing solution that fits your unique needs exactly

Ross Cheal // Founder & Director
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Our Metal Roof Types

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We custom-craft quality metal roofing from a range of versatile materials including elegant zinc and industrial-style stainless steel.

Our Metal Roof Services

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From complete new roof installation to extensions and insulation, our expert team delivers metal roof services to suit most projects.