Traditional Cold Roofs

Maximise space and conserve heat the traditional way with a cold ventilated roof.
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What is a cold roof?

A cold roof construction has a layer of insulation above or between the ceiling joists to conserve heat within a property.

Cold roofs are the traditional insulation method used in many existing properties. Cold roofs are perfect for flat roofs or similar structures where the increased height of a warm roof isn’t desirable or possible. With a cold roof, the temperature in the roof space will be lower than the rest of the property and so, a ventilation system is required to prevent the build-up of condensation.

What are the benefits of a cold roof?

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Easy to Install
Cold roofs are the traditional insulation method, so if you’re fitting a new roof to an existing property, cold roofs are easy to install.
Conserve Heat
Although not as efficient as warm roofs, cold roofs still conserve a good degree of heat.
Maximise Roof Space
With a cold roof, less space is required for insulation which maximises the usable roof space.
Ideal for Extensions
As cold roofs won’t increase building height, they’re perfect for extensions.

Cold Ventilated Roofs FAQs

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A cold ventilated roof has a layer of insulation above the ceiling joists. A warm roof has insulation just below the metal roof covering, creating a seal around the roof of a property.

Externally a cold roof looks the same as a warm roof. All insulation is concealed internally within the roof space.

Yes, a cold roof needs ventilation because cold air can penetrate the roof space above the insulation meaning condensation can appear. A ventilation system will prevent the build-up of condensation.

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Installing a Cold Roof

At Metal Roofing UK, we are specialists in installing both warm and cold metal roofs.

We can advise on which structure is best for you based on your needs, budget, building and roof choice. We are trained and have all the necessary skills and tools to ensure a perfect fit that keeps your property warm and lasts a lifetime.

Why use Metal Roofing UK for your cold roof?

Custom Design
Our cold roofs are bespoke and custom-crafted to fit your project exactly.
Quality Materials
We only work with the best quality metal roofing and insulation that are known to last.
10-Year Guarantee

All of our cold metal roofs come with a 10-year guarantee.

Specialist Service
Our team of installers are specially trained in metal roofing and have the skills, tools and experience to ensure a stress-free, perfect fit, every time.
Your Trusted, Local Roofer
Our team has 25 years’ experience installing roofs across the South West.

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