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Maximise heat and minimise energy use with a warm roof.
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What is a warm roof?

A warm roof is insulated above the roof rafters, below the metal roof covering and membrane.

This superior roof construction creates a seal around the top of a building, preventing cold air from entering. Given there’s no uninsulated space in the roof for cold and warm air to mix, there’s little chance of condensation build-up and so, no need for a ventilation system. Warm roofs are generally considered better at conserving heat and are ideal for pitched roof structures.

What are the benefits of a warm roof?

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Heat is Locked In
Thanks to the outer insulation approach, warm roofs lock in heat to a property.
Energy Efficient
Because warm roofs prevent heat loss, properties use less energy on heating.
Properties with warm roofs conserve warmth and are more cost-effective to heat.
Noise Reduction
The superior insulation on a warm roof also has noise-reduction properties.

Installing a Warm Roof

Installing a warm roof is a specialist service.

There are many considerations during installation, for example, the distribution of load weight which is increased in a warm roof. At Metal Roofing UK, we are specialists in installing metal roofing both warm and cold. We are trained and have all the necessary skills and tools to ensure a perfect fit that keeps your property warm and lasts a lifetime.

Warm Roof FAQs

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A cold roof has insulation above the ceiling joists and requires a ventilation system in the uninsulated roof space to prevent condensation. A warm roof, with the outer layer of insulation at the rafters, creates a seal around the roof of a property, preventing cold air from entering, so no ventilation is needed.

Externally, a warm roof looks exactly the same as a cold roof. All insulation is within the concealed roof space.

Because warm roofs form a seal at the rafters of a property, cold air cannot enter and mix with warm air, so condensation is unlikely and there’s no need for ventilation.

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