Elegant Zinc Roofs that Last

Durable, corrosion-resistant zinc roofing that’s flexible enough to work on even the most modern, unique designs.
Metal Roofing UK 10 year warranty protection.

What is zinc roofing?

Zinc is a naturally occurring metal that has been used as a roofing material for hundreds of years. Despite being around for some time, it’s only now that zinc roofing is becoming particularly popular due to its flexibility, favourable aesthetics, durability and low maintenance. At Metal Roofing UK, all of our zinc standing seam roofs and shingles are custom-made to fit properties exactly. And our specialists only work with the best possible materials, which is why we choose to install market-leading VM Zinc.

What is VM Zinc and how does it differ from other zinc?

VM Zinc is made by one of the biggest, well-known manufacturers of zinc products in Europe. They have been manufacturing zinc roofing and cladding for 40 years and have a proven track record of supplying reliable, quality products and unbeatable technical support. VM Zinc is available in a range of finishes to complement your style perfectly, from natural VM Zinc that weathers beautifully to Anthra-Zinc which blends well with traditional slate.

Is a zinc roof a good option for my home or commercial property?

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Classic Style
Zinc’s effortless, natural style doesn’t look out of place in the city, countryside or coast. And with an extensive range of finishes available, you can choose a hue to match your project.
Zinc is a flexible yet strong roofing material, so it can be shaped easily to fit curves, seams and steep angles.
Corrosion Resistant
Zinc roofs develop a protective layer (or patina) over time and are highly weather and UV resistant, which works well in areas like the South West. Zinc is also self-healing, with minor scratches simply fading over time.
Low Maintenance
Zinc roofs are incredibly durable and they won’t allow organic growth, meaning they require minimal maintenance and can have a life expectancy of up to 100 years.
Zinc is recyclable and uses less energy during production, so zinc roofs are an excellent choice for sustainable buildings.

Zinc Cladding

At Metal Roofing UK, we can also design and install zinc cladding.

Zinc cladding forms a protective, weather-proof skin around any building or property, and it offers the same durability, flexibility and style as zinc roofing. And what’s more, zinc cladding from Metal Roofing UK is also completely bespoke.

Why use Metal Roofing UK for your VM Zinc roof and cladding?

Each of our zinc roofs is custom-made and completely bespoke for your project.
Quality Product
We only work with the best quality zinc materials that are known to last.
10-Year Guarantee

We offer a 10-year guarantee on all of our zinc roofs.

Specialist Service
As trained specialists in zinc roofing, our team of installers have all the skills, tools and experience to ensure the right fit – for your property and needs – every time.
Your Trusted, Local Roofer
Our team has 25 years’ experience installing roofs across the South West.

Installing Zinc Roofing

Installing a zinc roof is a specialist service.

Whether you’re looking for a warm or cold ventilated zinc roof, you need the right expertise, tools, machinery and knowledge for installation. Zinc roofing is not an off-the-shelf product. At Metal Roofing UK, each roof is custom-cut and folded to fit exactly at our specialist workshop and then installed by our expertly trained roofers.

Zinc Roofing FAQs

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Depending on the levels of environmental pollution, zinc roofing can last anywhere from 60-100 years.

All of our zinc roofs are covered by a 10-year guarantee.

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